Wednesday, March 23, 2016

There's No Excuse

While growing up we all had excuses for why things never got done. I mean who doesn't remember the classic "The dog ate my homework"? Then as we get, or got older the excuses are even more complex.

Sometimes these excuses are to get us out of things we should have done, but we didn't. Other times they are to get out of situations that we are in, but need to get out of. We've all done that at some point in our life.

With what I have done here I wanted to dream up some form of an excuse. The problem is I just can't do that. All because there is no excuse for not thanking this fellow blogger sooner than now. Heck, the guy has thanked me over, and over a few times for a pair of packages.

First we will start with the blogger that I can't make an excuse to, but just offer an apology. Chris who, runs one of my favorite blogs The Raz Card Blog. Sorry it has taken me this long to get around to showing off a card that left me with my bottom lip on the floor.

Now that I've offered up apology number one how about we start with some excuses that I could try if there was an excuse. The problem is there is no excuse, but why not give it a try.

Excuse- I've been so busy doing things that I haven't had any time to show off the great card Chris sent my way.
Truth- I've had days where I didn't do anything, but sit around watching TV. Those days could have been used for something much more useful. Something like letting Chris know how awesome the card he sent me is.

Excuse- I planned on saving the card for a planned post when the NASCAR season started.
Truth- This does have some truth to it. I did want to do a big post where I showed off the card at the start of the year. Somewhere along the way the card got buried, and I forgot all about it. How I forgot it is beyond me as I will be putting this card in a special place in the hobby room once this post is completed.

Excuse- Most days I come home from work wore out because my boss is the devil, and over works us.
Truth- Well that actually is the truth. Since getting this new boss my posting has taken a serious hit because I'm just to drained to sit here, and think about blogging. Sadly it means I have been dropping the ball when it comes to thanking people for cards like the mind-blowing card sent by Chris.

Now without further ado here it is.

This card now sits on the shelf with my Kyle Busch diecast cars, and other fun items. Thank you so much for the awesome card Chris. When I opened the mailer this card was in I was blown away, and speechless. Maybe that is the truth on why it hasn't been shared until now. I was so speechless that the words couldn't come out./


  1. I appreciate excuses and am always looking to add a new one. ;)

  2. Great day to post this card after your favorite driver and Chris' favorite driver both get put on probation. See, it all worked out in the end.