Thursday, August 21, 2014

Too Much Stuff

For the longest time I have been itching to move into the new hobby room. Being bigger than the room I was using I got thinking it meant more room for stuff. Using that thinking I have been buying all the bobbleheads, and other treasures you've all enjoyed reading about.

Then came reality. While I am still slowly moving things into the room I have come to realize one thing. I have bought more things than the room will hold.

The bobbleheads are at the level where if I add any more one will need to be taken away for a replacement. The collection of logo baseballs is at the same level. The baseball card boxes are still lingering in the old room. Still trying to figure out a home in the new room.

All this leaves me at the binders, and what has been my biggest challenge. Normally it wouldn't be as crazy binder wise as it is. Except when you throw in the sports business cards binders, which is at four just for the baseball teams. This doesn't even count the business cards for all the other sports. The binders that hold pocket schedules is at somewhere around seven. Then closing everything out is the binders that I've started putting baseball card sets into. 

Originally I thought everything was figured out, but I was so wrong. Shelves have been rearranged a few times with one last arrangement still coming. Hopefully this will be the last time, and all the binders will finally have a home. If not it will be once again back to the drawing board.

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  1. I've had a similar problem at my house. My wife was nice enough to give me the entire basement for my collection, but wall space and shelf space goes quick.