Friday, August 22, 2014

Felix Reaches Another Milestone

This year I haven't had the chance to listen to many of the Mariners games on the radio. There are two reasons for this occurrence. The first is that it doesn't seem like the radio station has done as many games this year as in past seasons. The second is that I am usually only driving home for half an hour, and so my listening to games is very limited.

Luckily today the game against the Red Sox was on, and so I decided to give it a listen. The game was early, and my timing perfect. Felix it seems set another record today for Mariners pitchers.

In the second inning of the game shortstop Xander Bogaerts went down swinging. While that doesn't sound like a huge deal. Xander became the 200th strikeout victim of Felix for 2014.

What this means is Felix has struck out 200 hitters for his sixth consecutive season. According to Rick Rizzs of Mariners radio, this is uncharted territory for a Mariners pitcher. Adding to the mix is after seasons end Felix will have the longest current streak in the majors. Justin Verlander current stands at five, but at 118 strikeouts is out of the running to accomplish 200 this season.

With Felix having a career year in setting new records in not just the Mariners book, but in the MLB book. It has been a shame that the team has been struggling to give him runs support. His 13-4 win-loss record might sound great to those outside of the Northwest region. Sadly it is an embarrassment being it should be better given the way Felix has pitched.

Running close to an appearance in the playoffs. Hopefully Seattle will close things out as seeing Felix pitch in the playoffs would be awesome. The atmosphere in not just Seattle but the entire region would be insane. Then the rest of the country would get to appreciate the greatness Felix is showing this year.

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