Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Smokey

On Thursday I heard that today is the 70th birthday for one Smokey Bear. While there are a few more cards I'd like to show the one picture from an internet search is all you get today. The cat house is crazy busy until Monday morning as the daughter, and myself are currently rocking out at a music festival.

Despite the busy weekend I just have to give Smokey his props. Growing up we lived near the forests so I grew up hearing the Smokey Bear message constantly. I to this day still remember the comic books, and loved reading them. Now as a parent I picked up a couple when the daughter was younger. and read them to her. All hoping that the message I learned as a kid will be passed on to her. While the comics seem to come, and go atleast the message is always the same.

Hopefully Smokey gets another seventy years as we still need to hear what he has to say just as much today as we did seventy years ago. There have been a few times on the way to work lately they have been running radio commercials for Smokey Bear. Hearing them gets me feeling a little nostalgic, and excited that they are getting his name out there for this new generation.

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