Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Tulsa Delivery

One of the guys I used to work with left a few months ago to move close to Tulsa. Before leaving I asked if he would pick me up some Drillers schedules, and that I would happily pay the postage to send them my direction.

Exchanging texts every so often it had been two months since our last contact. Then surprisingly this week someone mentioned his name, and if anyone had heard from him. Two days later I had their answer as a phone call came from said friend. He called to say he was in town, and would personally drop off what he had for me.

Knocking on the door we stepped outside as the dog hates visitors to his house. I could see a huge stack of stuff with rubber band wrapped schedules on the very top.

Not wanting to be rude, and start looking through the stuff I started to talk. He went into showing me he'd gotten two magnet schedules to go with the pocket style.

Looking at the promotions on the magnet while scanning it I realized one thing. If I lived around Tulsa I would be sporting no less than six new Drillers jersey's if everything fell into place.

While I would like to say that I'd have a blanket to wear over my jersey's when it's cold. I can't say that, as I had a chance to add a Eugene Emeralds blanket, and didn't go to that game.

Closing out the goodies haul was the opening week issue of Drillers Magazine. He gave me three of the same issue. Maybe when the hobby room is coming together I can dream up a display of some sort to use atleast one of the issues on.

These magazine's are such a cool thing to find at games. I always pick them up in Eugene, and read them for information. It is so much more fun to read them when they pertain to your favorite team. If you get the chance to pick these up for either your favorite team, or any of their affiliates pick it up.

Right now I haven't had the chance to give this thing a read, and who knows when the chance will present itself. With everything going on it'll be a few weeks before things slow down enough to consider it. Until then all these will go into the pile we all have. The waiting to be organized into the collection pile.

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