Sunday, August 17, 2014

Finally Some Light At The End Of The Tunnel

For quite some time I have been mentioning the new hobby room. I've mentioned how it is a bigger room, and will hopefully give me a better layout than the current room. After all this time the new room is finally starting to come together. This is why there have been no posts since Wednesday. The process of making the move has begun. You can't begin to imagine the excitement I've been feeling.

For the last couple of months the room somehow became the storage room once again. It has gotten to the point where you couldn't walk  more than a few inches past where the door would swing. Those days are gone though as it will stay a storage room for awhile, but my stuff won't be affected. Then at a later point it will become a room taken over by the wife.

For me I'm hoping the move will re-inspire the ability to put out not just more posts, but quality posts once again. Even thinking about what to do has been tough when it is nearly impossible to get into your cards. Last night for the first time in awhile I got to pick up binders with cards. It was a great feeling, and a reality check at the same time. The reality is I'd like to start getting to work on the baseball cards soon. Thinking about the organizing I've already done. I need to go through all that, and improve upon it. It's amazing to think that I'm saying this, but all the organizing was done without much knowledge. Now that I've dove back into cards full force, and write this blog. I've learned so much more, and realize they need to be better organized for me to not only enjoy. I need them better organized to make adding cards into when I get them. Throw in a few new sets I've started, and subsets. You have what I thought worked at one time, but now realize is technically still a mess. With cards being fun I'm looking very forward to this project. Who knows how I will share the progress I make, but it will be done somehow. Until then I will just keep plugging along.

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  1. Ahhh... sports cards. It's like the never ending story of organizing and reorganizing. Have fun.