Friday, August 1, 2014

Rubber Duckie Your The One

With baseball season for some of the minor leagues starting to slowly wind down. I started to think that now might be the time to try, and nail down some of the teams that I'm still missing business cards for. With that in mind I came up with an atelope to send out to the Akron Rubber Ducks.

This was my second attempt this season for a business card from the Rubber Ducks. Akron went through a name change from the Aeros to the Rubber Ducks this off season. The new name paying homage to the local tire industry. What this meant is I needed to update the collection with a card for the new name. After a first attempt that came up with a couple pocket schedules. I had to give it one more shot before admitting defeat, and waiting for next year.

Success! This time the team only sent two business cards, and no schedules. No big deal, as all I wanted was a business card for the collection anyway. Now the collection is back to normal with the Eastern League going back to being complete.

Hopefully this is a good sign as I have seven artelopes roaming for business cards. An eighth is out looking for pocket schedules for the upcoming college football season. Sadly three of the seven might never make it home, and are very close to joining the missing files.return. This return has me feeling hopeful for their finding the way home.

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