Thursday, August 7, 2014

He's Not The Manliest Dog

From reading, and hearing things to do with dogs. They say if you are a man that the least manliest dog is the Chihuahua. Something about it being a tiny thing that doesn't look very fierce. This hasn't stopped the dogs from gaining popularity. Lucky for me we have a part Chihuahua, and part Terrier that weighs more than the usual Chihuahua. He has his moments of being brave, and those of being a scared dog.

What does all this have to do with baseball you ask? That popularity has translated over to the new San Diego Padres triple A affiliate the El Paso Chihuahuas. While I don't have the numbers, it's my belief that at the end of the year when merchandise numbers are released.  El Paso will be the number one team by a huge margin. My problem is a new team creates a new need for a business card to add into the baseball business card collection. Needing to add the team I sent out what I have to admit wasn't my best work this year.

Honestly I was starting to give up hope on seeing a return from El Paso, and honestly was quite shocked when I got the SASE. Included within was an apology note that mentioned the team being busy with requests for schedules, and other goodies. Inside was two schedules from the team.

Not inside was a business card that was my real reason for the mailing. This means I will give another attempt sometime this fall or just wait until spring. Maybe the next attempt will be better looking than the first.

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