Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Guitars Under The Stars

So in my last post I mentioned we were in a very busy weekend. That is due to the daughter wanting to do a local event called Guitars Under The Stars. The event was to showcase regional stuff, and some guys who have already made a name for themselves. Honestly, I don't know the big names from the regional guys so who was what I couldn't have told you until after being there all weekend.

Taking a half day of vacation Friday so we could start the journey from the second it started. We Arrived a few hours before the first set as I thought traffic would be a bit more busy than it was. We found our spot to sit, and were lucky enough to get within a few feet of the same location for all three days. Opening the festivities was a local metal band Splintered Throne. From there things got better on what I think ended up being the best day out of the three. Closing things out was Floater which did a great job of ending the night.

Saturday was something that I have turned into just a blur as I'd like to forget. There were only a couple people we enjoyed. After watching them we left the event before the last show went on stage. My most memorable part of Saturday had to be Larry Mitchell who had the small crowd eating out of his hands. His excitement about being there was so contagious that it was great watching him play. Before ending his set he even walked off stage while playing, and took pictures with people. It was a truly awesome moment that made this a very special festival.

Sunday got back to greatness as the main stage opened with a Seattle band called The Guessing Game. They much like Mitchell played the crowd well, and had us all wishing they could have played longer.  As the day wore on things only got better. Despite not knowing who they were we enjoyed Gary Hoey followed by Pat Travers Band.

Ending the entire festival was the headliner, and none other than Lita Ford. She did an awesome job with Gary Hoey spending half of her set playing guitar with her group.

My only complaint was her set was maybe one hour, and fifteen minutes tops. Would have liked to hear more from the person who they promoted the most.

The good news is while writing this the facebook site says they will be doing this again next year. Hopefully they can get some of the loose ends I noticed fixed. It would be great to see this as a yearly event.

(Both pictures are from the facebook page as I didn't get any pictures worth sharing.)


  1. Gary Hoey is a guitar god. I recommend getting his album "Ho Ho Hoey" for Christmas. You will not be disappointed.


    1. Thanks for sharing. I'm ashamed to admit that I had never heard of Gary Hoey until this post. As for Lita... I remember the name in the 80's, but had to look her up too.

  2. Sounds like some good tuneage. My wife and I are seeing "Here Come the Mummies" during the last day of the Iowa State Fair. We've seen them before and they put on a pretty good show.