Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pop Tarts, Yes... Pop Tarts

While at the store today with the wife we had to head through the grocery section. Most times when we do this my mind starts to wander. I see what type of things I can find that are different, and interesting. This is when I noticed something I hadn't realized even existed. MLB Pop Tarts...

The wife was long gone so I didn't give them more than a quick glance. Being they were strawberry flavored, and I kind of like strawberry Pop Tarts I don't know why I didn't grab a box. What they did do is spark an interest in me to see what I could learn about these bad boys.

Doing a quick search I came up with this pictures from the MLB Fan Cave Twitter account.

This picture wasn't the first link that came up when doing the search though. Those honors belonged to a blog called Peanut Butter and Awesome. Back in July Mr. Awesome did two posts related to these fun little baseball related tarts. Strawberry MLB Pop Tarts, and Strawberry MLB Pop Tarts part 2.

Like most movies that have been released. The sequel wasn't as good as the original if you ask me, but I'd say go read them for yourself and decide. What I do know is now I'm thinking that next time a box of these need to follow the cat home.

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