Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Return From The Asphalt Circus

For those that don't follow NASCAR the post title refers to the nickname used by Texas Motor Speedway. The speedway which houses the largest screen in all of sports 'Big Hoss' is one of the tracks that holds two different weekends worth of NASCAR races.

Taking all this into consideration I had to make an attempt to add a business card from Texas Motor Speedway.

Using the idea of the Texas flag as the artwork. Texas Motor Speedway continued my trend of NASCAR tracks being some of my better work. While I could have gone with a circus theme I decided the flag would look cooler. From the response sent back by the speedway they appreciated the artwork as well.

Sending me five cards from various staff of the speedway. All five will be making their way into the racetrack collection.

What doesn't show very well in the scan is how good the gold racecar looks. As we all know, for some reason foil doesn't show like we all wish it would.

On a side note, I wrapped up another coat of paint on the future hobby room. Odds are the ceiling will need one final coat, and then I can start the slow process of moving into the room. Bought curtains, and a new light today so things are really starting to come together. If everything goes as planned I will be insanely busy this weekend so it'll be Monday before I can consider the start of moving the collections over.

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