Monday, August 18, 2014

Tieing Up Some Loose Ends

With the work being done on the hobby room still going strong. There is something I still haven't taken care of. A couple weeks ago I did a trade with another pocket schedule collector.

Looking to unload some of his extra's, and either turn them into cash or schedules from his wants. I gave his lists some looks, and came up with eight schedules from past seasons I was missing.

When it comes to basketball there are only three teams I collect. Those teams are the Utah Utes because I grew up in Utah. Second is the UNLV Rebels because growing up they had an awesome team with Tark at the helm. Despite not being relevant for years I still find myself collecting their schedules for some strange reason.

Last on the list is the Cincinnati Bearcats. For some weird reason I just like the C logo used by the team. While it's simple I just like it. Everyone has those things that they can't explain for one reason or another. Cincinnati being one of my favorite colleges is one of those things for me.

Closing out the schedules were three additions into the college football.

I've had this streak for the last four seasons where I wasn't writing teams like I should be. The big reason for this was I had a connection with a trader who lives near Cincinnati. He picked up all the Bearcats basketball, and football covers. This stopped for some unknown to me reason, and I just never wrote the Bearcats for schedules. Last year I finally got my act together, and mailed the team for basketball, but I missed football. The team has multiple football out already, and another collector has the covers. All I need to do is try, and work out a trade or just get to business and write the school.

These two were by far the gems of this trade. As you can tell by the scan, the Utah schedule flips between a black, and a red helmet.

The surprise to me was that the Hurricanes schedule does the motion thing. Ibis does a dance which might make this the coolest schedule in my entire collection. I don't know how to do the entire motion thing some of you have mastered or I'd show off the dance. Either way it's pretty cool, and now it is in the Hurricanes football collection.

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