Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Return Ever!

With baseball season winding down, and college football starting soon. Sending out requests for pocket schedules starts to change over with me not sending out as many requests. This year I might change that, and attempt more bowl games, and some of the missing NASCAR tracks. Despite the slowing I do still have four college teams I request schedules from.

Deciding to get an early start on one of those colleges I dreamed up an idea for an artelope. Coming up with what has to be one of my favorite non-racing related artelope.

If you can't tell the idea is a football helmet. I even went as far as to make sure I had the stripes across the top in the right order. Despite being pleased with the results I still felt something was missing. That is when it hit me that this was what was missing.

I needed to do the opposite side, and keep with the effect. As I've hinted already, I was very pleased with the end results.

Obviously from what I got in return the artwork that went into this was very appreciated. Getting a call at break on Wednesday. The wife informed me that the mailman had dropped off a tube at the door. Puzzled I asked about the tube, and got the answer that it said University of Miami on the outside.

A little bit of excitement hit me as I had an idea of might be inside, but wasn't sure. I say wasn't sure as I've asked about schedule posters in the past, and got the response that it would cost seven dollars if I recall correctly. So I was hopeful, and doubtful at the same time on what was inside. Throw into the mix that my request was for the usual pocket schedules, and a business card. Could it be true that they loved my artelope so much that they sent me a schedule poster?

Popping open the tube I reached in and jackpot!!

They were originally rolled up, and I put two binders on them to flatten them out. After two days of that I took the binders off, and threw the one you see into the frame shown in the picture. While I'm not a huge Hurricanes fan, and have often wondered why I still write them for schedules. I'm looking forward to finding a place on the wall to hang this poster. Odds are all this might actually make a bigger fan out of me as deep down I already have been on a much smaller level. If not I wouldn't have been collecting their schedules all these years.

After clearing out seven posters I looked in to find seven pocket sized schedules. These all matched the picture above, but with the actual game information listed on the back of the card type schedule.

This was my best return ever, and is one I doubt will ever be topped. What it does is show me that someone out there enjoys each piece of envelope art sent their way.

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  1. HMMM, I probably have a few hundred 2007-08 pocket skeds from various teams, mlb, nfl, nba, nascar, lots of college especially Ohio state which put a sked out for everything, or so it seems. I will scan them when I get back to my house and put them in a post.