Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's Happy Time!

Around here at the cat house we love our major, and minor league baseball. While we like to believe nothing is more relaxing than catching a ballgame. Sitting there catching a game, and taking in all the sights while enjoying the game. There is one thing that hits us even more than baseball.

That one thing is college football season. This time of year is referred to as the happy time of year. Out of the sports we enjoy watching, college football does something that none of the other sports does. It is the one sport where we will sit, and watch two teams play that we don't card who wins just because its great viewing.

College football is tricky though with all our different loyalties in the house. The wife is an Oregon State fan through, and through. The step-son is an Oregon Ducks fan, and after being right next to their stadium this summer I can see why. The thing was so incredible I couldn't help, but be impressed with the entire area.

While the Eugene Emeralds play in the Ducks ballpark. We had never spent the time to walk around the stadium to the team store just on the outside. After doing so I was glad we took the time, and so was the wife who isn't even a fan of the school.

Then we come to me, and the two schools I root for. Number one is the Utah Utes as I grew up in Utah, and have a sort of loyalty to the school. Number two is the Cincinnati Bearcats, and that one is kind of unexplainable. For some reason I just picked the school and became a fan. I've said many times I'm a weird, and complex person. Nothing shows that more than my loyalty to a school nowhere near anyplace I've ever lived or visited.

More than anything I'm looking to an interesting season for both teams. The Bearcats are expected to do well in the American Athletic Conference, possibly even winning the conference altogether. Utah on the other hand is expected to be one of the worst teams in the PAC 12. Hopefully they can pull of some surprise wins. All I ever hear when we talk football at work is how Utah wouldn't have had those couple great years in the PAC 12, and their past few seasons prove that. You can't get them to understand that all those players have been long gone since the Utes joined the PAC 12. Its a lost battle though that maybe a few wins by a down team might fix. If not there is always next year.

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  1. I kind of know what you're going through. Even though I attended the University of Iowa (Hawkeyes), I still have a warm fuzzy for San Diego State (Aztecs) from having lived there and planning to attend school there. I also root for Iowa State (Cyclones), which like Auburn/Alabama, Okalahoma/Oklahoma State, Oregon/Oregon State, you basically root for one and despise the other. Actually, we do a lot of volunteer work at the ISU Hockey games (stats, goal judge or penalty box) and just can't help but support that school as well.