Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Mailer, and A Story.

Drained from finishing up the daughter's room on Saturday. My attitude got a pick me up as when the mailman came with an unexpected mailer. The treasure trove of goodies came from Tom the operator of the great blog Waiting 'til Next Year.

Sitting here wondering how do I let the man know how much I appreciate this fantastic surprise mailer? An idea came into my head to tell a story.

I got a phone-call from an old buddy who said the gang was getting together at the bar, and I need to come on out. Not willing to disappoint I hopped in the car, and headed over. Walking in I was met by the sight of three buddies hanging out.

As the beer started flowing, and the celebrating continued.

We came up with the plan to head out, and do some fishing. Luckily one of the guys knew of a stream close by. All we had to do was cross a field, and head into the trees. All four of us were on board with the plan. Leaving the bar we headed out arriving at the field. Once there we prepared to make the jump over a small fence, but were quickly stopped in our tracks. Looking over I spotted.

A 'Baby Bull'.

Thinking that crossing the field might not be the best idea we formulated a new plan. Deciding that maybe the fishing might be better down stream we headed into a different batch of tree. Coming to a spot that lookied promising as I noticed the trout were jumping.

That would be the only trout we saw all day as none of us caught any fish.  Overall it was a great experience being able to catch up with my three buddies.


Giving it more thought I kind of wondered if a story like that would do this great batch of cards justice. The worst part is I couldn't think of anything better so Tom just know that you made this cat very happy.


  1. Glad you liked them. Nothing too jaw dropping in that yellow mailer, but everyone needs a nice surprise now and again. Thanks for the story!

  2. Very creative. I'm tempted to have my students do something like this the last week of school.