Sunday, June 22, 2014

Card Stop

Since the wife's accident in April I have bought only one pack of cards maybe two. While I could easy say this sudden stop of pack buying was due to this. I have to come clean, and admit that nothing has really interested me when it comes to packs. We have a big box store in town, and I've went down the card aisle most times we go in. Yet I seem to walk away without any sort of cards in hand.

Don't take this as me falling out of the enjoyment of cards I have had over the last year, and a half. I've still been wanting to enjoy cards, but just not through the packs offered here in town. I have been itching to go to either a card show or card shop in the worst way. Things just haven't allowed that to happen like I had hoped.

Saturday that changed a little as I finally got to go into a card shop. The visit was a great one that shows why I go into this very shop the most. Entering the shop another customer was inside, and talking to the owner about various football cards. As they talked I went to work searching through the 2014 singles.

Anthony Rizzo, and A.J. Burnett were picked up with the sole idea of sending them to a new home. Wilin is a card I need for my personal collection of his cards. I love the look of this card with him wearing his gear, and making a throw. I'd seen some of the parallels on e-bay, and have been wanting to add the regular card at the very least. Thanks to this stop I can now cross off the regular card.

Next I headed to another box, and my last purchase of singles.

Out of these three cards the one I'm most excited about is the Pomeranz. While I am kind of bummed that he isn't with the Rockies. I am pretty excited that he is doing well with Oakland, and not struggling in Colorado still. His cards currently fall under my secret player collection that is constantly changing. Looking at the three cards all three guys are part of that secret collection. Ackley is barely on the list with me taking a really hard look by seasons end at the latest. Until then I might still pick up some of his cards if I come across anything new.

Not coming home with anything mind blowing. I am still thrilled that I was finally able to once again make a stop into a card shop. Next up hopefully will be the card show next weekend.

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