Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Paperclip

I had planned on saving this post for another day or two from now, but after the mailer from Fuji I couldn't wait. Seeing all those NASCAR cards got me even more excited about the return I got last week. Having some great luck lately when it comes to the raceways. I noticed that there was one of my top five favorite tracks missing from the collection. Wanting to fix this oversight I came up with an artelope design.

I've said it a few times, and this design shows why. Some of my all-time favorite artelopes have been the ones I send to racetracks. This one I decided to go with a simple checkered pattern commonly used for the finish line, checkered flag, and the winners circle. In the end I liked the way it turned out, and the results added to the excitement.

Two cards that remind me why I have started going after racetrack cards harder ever before. The design on the back is a great image of the track during a race. Another great thing is this now puts the collection at seven tracks. Currently there is one envelope pending, and another ready to be sent out. Hopefully I hear back soon from Kansas, and can then cross them off the list. Until then I hope you will enjoy this return from the Paperclip with me.

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  1. are you coming up for the show on Saturday? If so let's figure out where and when to meet. I can show you a goodwill and a card shop not too far from the show.