Tuesday, June 10, 2014


With short season baseball, and college wood bat leagues going now as well. It was time to start sending out for the one of two college wood bat league teams that I collect schedules from.

That team is the Willmar Stingers from the Northwoods League. For some reason I have this fascination with any team that uses a bee, wasp, or hornet in their logo. Why I have no idea as I hate all three, and am usually afraid of getting stung when I see one of the three. Even being unable to explain this fascination this is the results of my latest mailing to the Stingers.

Attempting to draw the team logo, which I think I did a decent job with. Envelopes like this one is so cool because when I compare it to when I first started these. You can tell I'm getting better, and willing to attempt ideas that I wouldn't when this project first started.

Getting this envelope leaves me with three more out in the world waiting to return home. I do have three new ones that should be heading out soon. So right now there is a possibility of seeing a revolving door of these being shared.

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