Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday Funday

On Monday we needed to make another trip south to Eugene. This trip was to get the new plates put on the new car. While it might sound simple, and as we found out it really was. As with last weeks trip the stepson called, and asked what we were doing for the day. Ame as that day he came along for the ride, and had a fun day with us roaming Eugene.

Doing the first stop to get the new plates put on the car. We headed towards Goodwill for a second go round. Last week had a few things I thought about, but in the end decided against. This week I would not be denied. Starting off the fun was the frame aisle, and some goodies for the future hobby room.

These will hopefully contain some sort of poster in the one, and the smaller frame a picture, schedule, or something else baseball one day. As I continued down the aisle I found something that I hoped the wife would have interest in.

Once the living room is complete we will be putting vacation pictures up in the room. Odds are most of those will be Disney related. This will be a cool little picture holder for the desk part of the makeover.

Closing out was a fun little item that I couldn't decide on, and still haven't. I got it for 99 cents so I was willing to take the chance while I decide its fate.

What the picture doesn't show is that the helmet is actually a bank. That made it so much cooler, and adds to the dilemma of whether to keep it for the hobby room, or send it to a new home. Whichever I decide on, it won't be for another month or two odds are.

Overall it was a great  day of hunting as I came away with what I think are some great finds.

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  1. That is cool stuff. I love those plastic helmet banks. I think I had one in the early 1980s for the Brewers that got so abused that the plastic insert on the bottom wouldn't stay in!