Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meeting The Grapher

On Saturday I was lucky in two different ways. The first is that it has been awhile since I've been able to make it up to either of the Portland area card shows. The second, and what was the best part of the entire show. Rod from the great blog Padrographs had been trying to get some fellow bloggers together at the show. While things didn't work out for others to meet up. I was lucky enough to meet up with Rod, and talk some.

Arriving a few minutes before the official start time of the show. I was deep into the cards when Rod made his way into the mall. Waving at him as he had let me know beforehand that he'd be sporting a Padres cap. Rod made his way over to say hello before doing a quick walk around the show. After the walk we met back up with me still doing my thing. Talking for a few, and looking at cards we started the tour together.

Separating for a few minutes before meeting up again at a table with some autographed cards. Before starting his search Rod handed me a couple cards he'd just picked up for me.

Excited about the two new cards it reminded me that I had brought some stuff for Rod. First we wandered through the show longer looking at more stuff. I think a few times I probably drove him nuts as I am very slow at these things. I have a tendency to stop at all tables, and gawk for a few minutes. Even if my initial scan reveals nothing of interest to me. Need to work on fine-tuning my card showing a little better to avoid wasting time like that. My daughter went with me once, and the slow pace killed her so she isn't alone now. As we neared the end of the tables Rod mentioned he had some errands to do, and would be taking off.

Before heading out I needed to get the goodies I brought so we headed towards the vehicles. Rod had talked during the show about having some items for me as well, but had forgotten them at home. Luckily he lives fairly close to the Goodwill in the area, and mentioned maybe dropping by his house. Always loving an adventure I thought why not, and followed him homeward.

This was an experience I was glad I did as Rod has some awesome Padres stuff. Walking in my first look was to two things. The first was a very sweet looking frame with a Steve Garvey autographed picture, and a small collection of Garvey Padres cards. It was a very well laid out, and nice looking piece that he was proud of, and with good reason. The second was a much simpler list of the Padres minor league affiliates. I noticed this as I keep track of the Rockies affiliates. This year I haven't been keeping track of like past years, but I still know a little about them.

Talking more as I scanned the room enjoying his awesome collection. I learned that Rod is a huge fan of the Eugene Emeralds. Much like myself he enjoys anything from his team's affiliates so I'll be on the lookout for Emeralds items.

While I could have stayed there all day enjoying his collection it wasn't possible. Rod had some things to do so he started to slowly usher me out after handing me a few treasures for the hobby room.

Rod plans on doing a couple games in Salem, and hopes to meet up at one of the games. Depending on how the day goes as we will be doing things earlier in the day. I'm just as hopeful that we can meet up at the game, despite my extreme disdain for the Volcanoes.

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  1. Bummed I couldn't make it today.. hope to meet up with you guys another time. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.