Monday, June 2, 2014

Making Plans

With Northwest League baseball getting ready to start within the next couple weeks. Today we got our first tickets to a game. Hopefully this won't be our first game of the season, and if it is something has gone seriously wrong. The tickets we got are for the 4th of July game where the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes will be playing against the Hillsboro Hops.

As a reader this might not seem like a big deal. Around the cat house though this will be huge. The reason is that the Volcanoes are the closest Northwest League team to us. Despite this we haven't gone, and watched them play a home game in three years. That game will forever be remembered by my friend, and myself. I never imagined one inning could last an hour, and a half, but they made it happen. If it wasn't for all the fun we had talking to the Mariners scout odds are we'd never have sat through the entire game.

We have gone, and seen the Eugene Emeralds which usually have a worse record numerous times in those three years. To me the Volcanoes are probably the least fan friendly team around. I'll have to give Hillsboro another shot, but I think they are a very close second. Atleast according to our experience for the one game we did last season. Throw in that both stadiums are quite possibly the plainest stadiums I have ever laid eyes on.

Despite all this I have to admit that we are looking forward to watching the 4th of July game. How can you beat baseball followed by fireworks? In our house you can't...

Adding to the tickets were the good news that schedules were out.

Hopefully next week we have the same type of luck as the plan is to get tickets for the 3rd of July in Eugene. The Emeralds will be on the road for the 4th so they are doing fireworks on the 3rd. Will be a great way to start my vacation by hitting two games with fireworks.

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