Friday, June 6, 2014

Artelopes- Naturally Spiked

Since the wife's accident in April my card buying has come to a complete stop. A trend that I will hopefully be able to break later on this month. What this has done is made blogging about cards a wee bit tougher.

At first I did a few artelopes to end out the month. That even slowed down as my motivation has just been gone. Then just over two weeks ago I got a few moments of motivation, and threw together seven new artelopes. Today three of those returned, but for the purpose of this post only two are getting shown. The reason is return number three is something I'm quite proud of, and will thus give it a post all to itself. Until then tonight's masterpieces for your viewing pleasure.

Playing in the New York-Penn League. State College Spikes are an affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. My goal for this artelope was to get a new business card as the team has changed their affiliation since getting my current card.

The artwork was a simple "S" with a deer spike going through the "S". This was inspired by the logo used by the team on their hats. I couldn't get the "S" like their logo one so I went with a little different version.

As you can see I came up short with the business card. They did do a good job with the schedule being they are a short season A league team. Just wish I could have nailed down the new business card. Hopefully doing the artelopes project will mean the team will remember me though, and send one at some point.

The second return was from the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.The Naturals play in the double A Texas League, and are affiliated with the Royals.

On some of the teams logo's they use the crown to show off the Royals affiliation. Originally I had planned on putting the crown over the "N" in Northwest. After doing the Spikes envelope I thought why not go bigger instead of just doing the same idea over, and over again. I have this tendency to do one drawing idea, and then continuing to do it over, and over throughout the drawings that same day. This time I caught myself doing the trend, and stopped after three envelopes had already gone that route.

I do think it was cool that they threw in Royals schedule. While I don't collect Royals schedules it was still pretty cool that they threw one in. I've only ever had this done with MLB teams when requesting spring training schedules so it was a good surprise.

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