Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday

Our plan for this past Monday was to head down to Eugene, and pick up tickets for the 3rd of July game. Knowing me as well as she does the wife knew the trip would include a stop at the thrift store. As I said that was the plan.

After doing her appointment, the wife called to ask if the step-son could head down with us. Never being down to the stadium, having the day off, and being a fan of the Oregon Ducks. More than anything he just wanted to do something. Personally I didn't really mind taking him along as he's a good kid.

Making the forty or so minute drive down we arrived at the stadium, and headed over to get our tickets. We are pretty excited as we got third row down the first baseline. Its a tough game to get great seats for as this is the one game that sells out, and fast normally.

Sitting next to the ticket booth was a schedule holder that cried for me to take some for both the collection, and for trading.

After filling that need, and seeing there wasn't any other people waiting for tickets. I asked if I could get a business card for the collection. Since getting my original card the team has gone through the new logo thing. Before the team just had trees, but last year they introduced the much cooler Bigfoot. I had to get my hands on a business card that showed this new logo, and as you see I'm glad I asked.


This has to easily be one of the top ten business cards in my baseball business cards collection.

As we prepared to go the son asked the guy if he knew anything about Ducks football tickets. His only bit of information was he could go to a certain building on the other side of the stadium. Slightly bummed by the answer, I asked if he wanted to go around to find out? There is a Ducks Store that I've thought about going to out of curiosity, but have never motivated myself to do. Asking if we minded, and getting the answer that it was something new, and we weren't in a rush. Off to the Ducks Store, and ticket office.

Walking towards both I have to admit that I was fully impressed. While I'm not a fan of either the Beavers or Ducks. After seeing the facility I can see why the Ducks do so well in recruiting. The place blew me away, and had me wondering what some of the other schools like LSU, Alabama, and Texas are like? The wife, and son both stopped, and took pictures it was so awesome. The wife isn't even a Ducks fan so that tells you how great the place is. As we went to the ticket office I spotted Ducks football schedules, and bagged me a bunch.

Leaving the office we headed to the Duck Store where we left empty handed. As we left the wife mentioned we could make a stop, and get me some new shoes. This stop didn't go well as they didn't have my size in the shoes I wanted. Never fear as when we got home the wife went online, and ordered the shoes. Even got them for ten dollars cheaper than they were at the store so take that Sports Authority.

Making the usual thrift store stop, and another empty trip. We came home with my new found goodies, and me thrilled despite the coming up empty in our last two stops.

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