Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Got My Stripe

My newest big project other than the business card for every baseball team has been getting a card from racetracks. The project started last year has been a slow going process. This is due to me not sending out for them on a regular basis.

After seeing the artwork I do for the envelopes, and the returns these tracks send you would think I'd try to complete the project ASAP. For some reason I haven't, but maybe this latest return might change that.

For all you non-race fans out there Darlington is one of the toughest tracks on the NASCAR circuit. So much so that the motto of the track is 'The track to tough to tame'. Being one of my top five tracks you would think I"d have a business card already, but until Friday the spot for their card was empty.

Using the inspiration of what they refer to as the 'Darlington Stripe'. I thought it would be cool to use that as the artwork. For those not in the know, the 'Darlington Stripe' is made from the car hitting the wall. They come around the track inches from the wall every trip around, and sometimes they are closer. Way closer... As they hit the wall it scrapes the paint off the side of the car, and leaves a stripe along the wall. It's not uncommon for the race winner to be one of the victims of the 'Darlington Stripe'.

When I looked at this card my first thought is it was even cooler than I expected.My original hope was that it would have some reference or something to the stripe. What they did is way better than I imagined could be done. All the numbers across the bottom with the stripe through them are the actual cars from the NASCAR Sprint Series. While they could easily have just put numbers with the stripe, they did the colors as they are used in NASCAR. Adding the actual colors gives it an even bigger coolness factor in my opinion.

All this puts another down, and now leaves me just needing to get my next one or two envelopes out to some tracks. I have an idea for Miami-Homestead, but just haven't put it on paper. Need to get working on it as odds are it's another cool card that I'm currently missing out on.


  1. That is a cool business card!

  2. Oh wow. That's so cool. I've always wanted to see a race there at the Lady in Black. Been past Darlington on I-95 several times and never even stopped to see the facility. Next trip east I'm fixing that.