Monday, June 23, 2014

NASCAR(ds) From Fuji

Not long ago the great Fuji did a mass mailing, and lucky for this cat he was on the list. Included was a batch of cards that really showed why I enjoy Fuji's blog 'The Chgronicles of Fuji' so much. I honestly believe we are long lost brothers who many never meet.

Much like this blog, Fuji runs the gauntlet of things he enjoys, and writes about them all. Take the cards he sent.

Not only did he drop a full mailer of NASCAR stuff on me. These small cards are something I didn't know existed until getting the mailer. If you look at the cards you can also tell how far phones have come in the last nine years. In 2005 when these cards came out these were high tech phones. Now my daughter would disown me if she was handed a phone that looked like that. While she doesn't have a smartphone her regular phone looks nicer than the ones shown on the cards.

Sharing space in the same packet were these nine mini's from the 2003 set. I know the picture only shows eight cards. The missing driver only gets time on here when he does something huge, and I have to mention him. Outside of that he's a huge jerk I refuse to show cards of. Lets move on shall we, I've already given him too much of our time. While this packet is a huge deal the card of him isn't, sorry.

Closing out the cards Fuji dropped two big-time legends on me.

 Senior is one of those guys that while I'm not a fan fascinates me. When you can hear an honest opinion of the guy they will tell you all about how he would shove everyone around, and do what he had to do to win. When it came to events on the track it seemed like guys hated him for what he was willing to do. He was the perfect villain that was hated by everyone except his fans. To get those currently are very hard to find as not many will speak bad about him due to his death.

Once the racing was over everyone loved the man. He sounds like the person everyone would be proud to know. Helping out anyone who needed help without asking a question. I've seen the show where they talked about how everyone was thrilled that he finally won a Daytona 500. This side seems to be the only stories you hear about him these days.

These two sides of him are just so fascinating when you think about it. How many guys can you think of that when you are competing against him people want to destroy. Then afterwards want to hang out with, and  share a beer or something? These days if you hate a guy when he's driving you hate him after the race as well. It'd be interesting to see how he would have done in this era of racing. I'm not saying he would or wouldn't have won as many races or anything. Just would he be some villain everyone hated, and never have gotten to see all the great things he did afterwards?

Gordon is another one of those guys I don't mind. He is a driver I'm not a fan of or hate, just another great driver on the track in my opinion. The sad part is Jeff is nearing the end of a hall-of-fame career that could possibly end after this season. His back is so bad that there have been a couple times this season he's talked about having a replacement driver finish the race. While he's toughed them out, he has also hinted a few times that this season could be if not most likely his last.

As you can see Fuji nailed it with this package of great drivers. Going down the road less traveled with this mailer was a good call Fuji. Love the goods you sent my way. 


  1. Which Busch Brother is it?

    I'm one of those guys that hated DE but when he passed I was very saddened and honestly, NASCAR has never quite been the same without him.

    I was a Gordon, Bobby Labonte and, especially, Darrell Waltrip fan. I still watch some races, usually at tracks that are interesting like Martinsville and Talledega. But I miss the old personalities. Harry Gant was one, and the Rusty Wallace vs. DE rivalry was a blast.

    1. Actually we like the Busch brothers. It's the driver of that evil #4 car.

      They seem to have been doing their best in NASCAR to eliminate those personalities like the guys in the past. Its a shame too as that is what put NASCAR where they were.

  2. LOL... H*****k. OK I get it. I'm 100% neutral on him. To me the #4 will always be Sterling Marlin in the yellow Kodak ride.

  3. Glad the cards arrived safely. I'm sure I have more NASCAR laying around somewhere. If and when I come across them, they're yours.