Monday, June 30, 2014

Card Show At Mall 205

Meeting Rod on Saturday wasn't the only thing that happened worth mentioning. While it was the best part of the entire day there was a card show, and some thrifting going on as well.

Getting an early start I made the way to Portland, and my first Goodwill. Arriving a little later than planned, but still within the window I had hoped for. I made my way through the store before finding what would be my only Goodwill treasure of the day.

A Ben Petrick bobblehead which was given away at a Hillsboro Hops game during the 2013 season. Ben works on the Hops staff after returning to the area when his career was ended after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2004. Between 2004, and the Hops arrival Ben was the baseball coach in Hillsboro's high school. This is an extra cool bobblehead to me as Ben played for the Rockies when his career was cut short.

After finding this new treasure it was off to the card show, and some cardboard fun. Hitting the mall a little early the doors were open, and ready for me to get straight to business. The first stop didn't disappoint as it ended up being my best for the set wantlist.

Adding six cards to the 2004 Authentix, and two for the 2003 MVP was a sweet find. My set additions have been real hit or miss when I get to these shows so adding eight was great. From their the player collections got some attention.

.Nicasio is 5-5 with a 5.92 ERA in 14 starts this current season. Rosario has played in 55 games after spending some time on the DL. Despite the injury Wilin is looking good hitting wise with 14 doubles, and 8 home runs. Barring any other injuries, or hold-ups he could end the season with a career high in doubles, and possibly home runs.

Going along with the main players I snagged some cards of guys on the secret player collection list.

All three players are in a make or break year when it comes to possibly joining my main player roster.

Pomeranz is getting a great shot on the A's staff after being traded from Colorado. Still suffering from major inconsistencies like the ones that doomed him in Colorado. Drew is one of the best when he's on his game, but a disaster when he's not. 

Zunino is having a great year as the Mariners starting catcher, and looks to be a shoo in. His spot as the starting catcher in Seattle looks to be getting more, and more cemented every day. My main hold up with Zunino is that the Mariners haven't had the best of luck with starting catchers lately.

Arenado set himself up as the possible Rockies third baseman of the future in 2013. Looking to cement that spot in 2014 he suffered a major setback in May with a broken middle finger. Even with the injury Arenado has put up some decent numbers before the injury. Hopefully he will return to form when he rejoins the Rockies after rehabbing in Colorado Springs.

Rounding out the secret player goods was some Mark Teixeira stuff.

When I first started this blog Tex was on the list of main players. Why I took him off is beyond me as I still seem to be picking up his cards. Thinking about it as I write this I really need to make a decision on whether to keep collecting Tex, or drop the collection. Making this decision is something I really need to do. Sometimes I seem to waffle on if I want to collect a player or not, and nothing shows this more than the Teixeira collection. Making this decision could help me in eliminating unwanted players in the future instead of continuing a collection out of some weird loyalty.

There where other cards I picked up along the way, but I will leave them out of this showing. Some might appear in another post one day, or they might not.

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