Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Artelopes- Sac RiverCats

If you haven't heard it already a million times recently. With baseball season fast approaching I currently have around nine remaining artelopes out roaming the continent for schedules. As these start coming in I am in the process of sending more out in their place. Until then it is time to share my latest return which comes from Sacramento.

I thought the idea of doing the cat claw holding a baseball seemed cool when I did this envelope. Looking at it now I still think it was a cool concept that turned out pretty good. The crazy thing is it looks somewhat similar to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals envelope I drew the same day. That return should be coming home soon so you will be able to see what I mean when it does. For some strange reason I get that way at times, and will do two or three drawings that look pretty similar all at once.

As with most of the requests I've been doing lately. This was to hopefully get a new business card as the RiverCats changed affiliations to the Giants this off season. The bad news is all that came back was five of the following schedules. Ironically you can tell from looking at the schedule where the idea for my artwork came from.

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