Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Artelopes- Fresno Grizzlies 1

Lately the artelopes seem to be my biggest amount of posts. While I would like to say that the trend might slow down. Honestly I can't say that as due to funds these days I am left with two decisions.

One is I can spend the money I get every week on buying a pack or two of cards that might yield one card for the collection. Two is I can use that same money, and buy stamps to mail teams for business cards, and pocket schedules. So it boils down to 64 baseball cards that will mostly be something that I look to trade, or schedules from ten teams. Being I've had some stamps saved from past postal trips when we did have more funds. I have opted to go with the business cards, and schedules. So until something changes in either my thought process, or funds it will be mostly artelopes with some cards tossed in every so often.

Fresno has gone through some huge changes this year, and I tried to run with those changes. The colors used across the envelope represent Fresno's new MLB affiliate the Houston Astros.

Losing their affiliation with the San Francisco Giants, Fresno was looking for a way to relate to the fans. Their answer is the Growlifornia promotion that shows on this schedule. Seems like a great idea that if I was living in Fresno I could see myself getting behind.

Receiving four schedules in the envelope was a good return. The bad news is my main purpose for sending the Grizzlies a request was to get a new business card. This is why the post title has a one inside of it. There will be a part two later in the year with another attempt.

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