Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Weekend Find

After heading to the coast on Friday evening we kept it simple, and stuck to dinner before digging in for the night. On Saturday the rain was coming down with a somewhat decent wind blowing. Not wanting to head past Tillamook as the road gets much closer to the ocean when you go farther north. That wasn't something I was interested in with the breeze blowing. Agreeing that the plan worked for her we started the journey north.

Making our way into Lincoln City the wife showed interest in stopping at a Pirate bakery we have talked about many times, but never committed to. Our thinking was they would have a pastry or something we could do for a quick, and simple breakfast Sunday. In the end we both bought cookies for later on that day, and pastries for the next morning.

Making it less than a couple miles on the right was a huge new Goodwill. I had hoped to visit the old site on the way back south. That was before knowing that they had built this new store, and the wife saying we could stop. Going in I would find something I've been trying to slow down on, but at the same time couldn't turn down.

It's a 'Pirates of the Caribbean' baseball from Disneyland. When we were at Disneyland I had seen this ball, and thought about buying one. At the Disney price tag, I never pulled the trigger. Now thanks to a quick thrift store stop I got the ball. It might be in a little rougher shape than the one I would have bought, but it works.

From there we made our way up to Tillamook, and my favorite coastal stop. Any time we can head to Tillamook, and the cheese factory I am all in. After getting some cheese, and jerky it was back towards the main base.

I can't complain about how great the day was with a new baseball, and lots of cheese. Now all I have to do is figure out how to add the new baseball into my Disney related balls.

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  1. Cool find. Haven't come across anything good around here in awhile.