Monday, March 9, 2015

#walletcard- Kyle's February Adventures

Much like the month of January. Kyle card didn't have a very exciting month.

Sadly the real Kyle did, and is out for an undetermined amount of time with a broken right leg, and left foot. This explains for those that actually read them, why I haven't done any NASCAR pre or post reports. Without our driver in the races we have been watching, but not with the same passion as normal. Enough bringing me down let's get to Kylecard.

As for how Kylecard is doing. The left side, or the direction he is looking to make things easier. As you can see it hasn't gotten any worse than it was in January. This is because I rotated the card in my wallet to try, and limit the damage on that side of the card.

What this has done is put the right handed side as the new damage taker.Both the top, and bottom corners have gotten obvious bends to them now. You can see the top one atleast real well without clicking for the larger picture size.

From here things will get a little trickier. Doing this has been a sort of blessing in disguise. I put him in the plastic card holder section of my wallet. The holder is getting pretty torn up, and I desperately need a new one. The pocket Kylecard is in just so happens to be the worst of the holder, and has helped hold the two cards in the pocket. Without this card they would have surely fell out, and possibly lost. Sadly its getting so bad that Kylecard is barely holding the cards in now. This will lead to the big question on how will the new holder effect Kylecard once he is in it, and not the torn up holder?

One thing I need to start doing is taking pictures of Kylecard. In February we did the collectors market, and taking a picture might have been a little more fun than this post I've had to do because of not taking that picture. So training myself to take pictures needs to start happening.

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