Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Three Baseball Artelopes Come Home

Upon our return from the coast on Sunday afternoon there was a full mailbox waiting for us. Wading through all the ads, and other assorted junk was three returns for recently sent out artelopes.

My first return came courtesy of one of my favorite minor league teams. Tulsa has been affiliated with Colorado since I started collecting pocket schedules. That affiliation led to me making them one of the main minor league teams that I collected at first. Over time I began to add older schedules from their time before the affiliation with Colorado. Now that things have changed with Tulsa joining the Dodgers minor league teams. I just can't give up on the collection that I've had a blast building for 13 years. Throw into the mix how good the Drillers front office has been over the years. How could I not keep this collection going full steam ahead? Besides I needed a new business card that represents the new affiliation.

As they have been doing the entire 13 years I've been collecting schedules Tulsa didn't disappoint. First off the team put out another great looking schedule. I've always enjoyed the different stadium views they have used on their schedules. Call it the stadium fan in me if you want I don't care. Second, they dropped their newest business card on me as requested.

Another of the teams that went through a change this off season. OKC went all out by not only changing their affiliation, but going with the new teams name as well. This has left a huge hole in the business card collection that I was looking to fill.

Finding out that the team plays at Bricktown Ballpark. I thought it would be perfect to go with a brick background for the envelope's artwork. It turned out pretty good with the imperfections that you would have in this type of wall.

The bad news as you can see above is the team sent schedules, but no business card. Who knows if the team has gotten their new cards or not? In past years the team has treated me really good so I'll just giver it a second try later on this season.

Kane County like the other two has a brand new affiliate for 2015. Unlike the first two who joined the Dodgers. Kane County changed to the Arizona DiamondBacks.

The Cougars have been hit, or miss, but always seem to deliver. There have been times it took two mailings to get a business card. Eventually the Cougars send a business card, and I'm able to fill the hole. This year there won't be any second request as Kane County nailed it the first time.

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