Monday, March 16, 2015

It Still Hurts To Watch 9

The latest version of these was back in November when I was discussing the idea of bindering the cards. Doing this would prevent me from using the same cards over, and over again. That is unless I have multiple copies of the card which would mean all bets would be off. While I haven't finished doing this little project due to not motivating myself enough to get it done. There has been some progress so maybe one day it will happen.

Now onto the reason why we are getting number nine of this popular series.

This past weekend was the closest to our anniversary. What this meant is the wife wanted to do a trip to the coast for the weekend. So in keeping with the ritual created when the idea for these posts came to me. It is time for 'It Still Hurts To Watch'.

For those that have come late to the party for these posts I will give a quick summary. Originally started after a trip to the coast, and storm watching. The concept is I show off three cards from plays at the plate. The first is the build up card, where you can tell a collision is coming. The second card is the collision itself, and the third is the aftermath of a collision. Like all plays at the plate, some of these are better than others, but they are still great to see.

I'm going to share our trip, but not completely through these cards. I'd get a bit more in depth, but on Saturday I picked up something I'll share latter. Once that gets done maybe the weekend will get a bit more in depth.

First I have to say that this might be the most interesting build up card that I've seen since doing all these posts. Looking closely at McCann's face, he almost looks excited for the upcoming collision. If I'm reading it right, it's a huge change from the look of terror the catcher usually has.

Much like McCann we were pretty excited for the weekend. We knew that is was going to be rainy with some wind. Depending on how windy, and rainy was going to determine our plans. Luckily Saturday wasn't too bad, and we went out.

What this did do is lead us into Sunday, and the day that resembled this collision. Early in the day the winds were so crazy that we kept waiting for the power to go out. Things worked out, and we were able to get the house cleaned before making our exit. Thinking we were out of the woods we had to make a stop for gas before leaving town. Opening the drivers side door to reclose the gas door, the wind blew the door out of my hands. Luckily, atleast we hope luckily it didn't break the door. The winds were so extreme that we were both worried it might have bent one or both door posts. The house wasn't as lucky as the back screen door broke loose from the high winds, and will need fixed.

Our drive home was much like this last card. You had tree branches scattered across the road in areas which is represented by the dirt scattered everywhere. In the end we were just like Cabrera, safe at home.

Just like this edition, there is no telling how long it will be until the next. Until then sit back and enjoy all three cards in all their glory.

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