Sunday, March 22, 2015

Artelopes- Rockies, and Kernels

With baseball schedules beginning to arrive at the homes of other schedule collectors. I have continued to put more of my efforts into artwork on artelopes over blogging. Once I get everything sent out, and more consistent returns coming in. Hopefully the blogging will get back to a more normal rate.

I know this has been the promise for awhile now, but it is still the best I can promise.

I've done the Rockies logo in some form the last two years. This year I wanted to try something a little different, and this was what I came up with.

A schedule is all this request was looking for. While happy to have gotten the above schedules I was sad at the same time. This schedule was released back in September as has been the trend by the team for years now. I still needed the schedule, and had planned to try, and trade for one. Why the disappointment is the team usually has a January, February, or March edition out by now. Usually it is March at the latest, and a Spanish version to go with it.

The idea for this one just fell into my head one day. I wanted to do sunglasses that had the lenses look like baseball's. When asking the daughter how to shape the nose for the glasses. She thought up the idea on doing a baseball bat as the bridge. Thrilled with the concept she took control, and came up with what you see above.

The wildest thing about this artelope is it was drawn before deciding who the team it would be sent to was decided. Normally the envelope is addressed before the artwork is decided on. Sometimes it might be an idea that I've had in the mind, and decided to finally use, but this is the only time the drawing was done before being addressed.

In 2014 the Kernels changed affiliates to the Minnesota Twins. An attempt was made to get a new business card for the collection. As you can see by the scan above only containing  a pocket schedule. The quest for a Cedar Rapids business card will continue.

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