Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Lost Files- Ducks, and Pelicans

After holding out for just over two months I've decided it is finally time to give up on these two requests.

At the time this request was sent out I was in a sort of creative funk. Despite this funk there were a few requests that needed to be sent out as I was testing the waters with NHL teams. While the other two came home with pocket schedules, but no business cards. The Ducks have left me holding the bag by not sending any sort of return.

Another of the three artelopes sent out around Christmas. I thought why not give this one some sort of holiday feeling to it. From the fact that I am now writing these two off, sending out requests so close to Christmas might not be the best idea.

These two failures will stay on the mind whenever the idea comes to send out requests close to Christmas. With how bad I was doing when it came to idea's. Maybe staying away from that time of year might be my best idea yet.


  1. I've got you on the Pelicans. Also New Orleans Zephyrs pocket schedules will be out soon. I'll shoot you a bunch of stuff when I have it all...

    1. If you could get a Pelicans business card I would be forever in your debt.

  2. Also, you would not believe how close to my house that Pel's address is.