Monday, March 30, 2015

Hitting The Card Show

Saturday was a kind of bittersweet day when it came to doing something. The wife had talked early in the week about wanting to hit the Disney Store.

When she mentioned it my first thought was to see if the card show was being held at Mall 205. Things looked to be going in my favor as yes, there was a show at that very location. Having the show that same day I was hooked, and ready for action. This was going to be my first card show in I can't remember how long.

The tricky thing was I'd have to go against my usual tendencies, and show later than always. When doing shows I'm the type that likes to arrive a few minutes before the doors open, and go in with the initial rush. I'm like this regardless of it being a card show, or the swap meet type show coming up this next weekend. This trip would be different as we'd be doing the Disney Store first.

As we headed north the wife mentioned that we could stop in at one of my favorite Goodwill's. Normally I would have passed, and waited until the ride home to stay on schedule. Realizing that what is a ten or so minute stop in the morning turns into over twenty later in the day due to traffic. The wife's suggestion was taken, and we made the stop. Besides, this was a good way to initiate me into the slower pace the day was planned to take on.

Walking into the store, and doing the aisle after aisle search. Only one item made its way out the door with me.

Interestingly it won't be getting use as a key chain, but more as another addition to the Mariners collection. I even put it on the shelf after taking this very picture.

From there it was off to the Disney Store followed by a stop into the card show. Much like Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown I was disappointed in this show. The amount of dime boxes or lower was very limited, and the few there were was over run with fire-starter cards. The one table I'd love to have gone through dime cards of was so busy you couldn't get anywhere near the cards.

Throw in that my player collections are newer players, and this show was mostly older cards from what I could tell. If I was a pre-junk era set builder this would have been the place. So I guess for a collector of older stuff this show was fantastic. The bad news is my collection just isn't at that level right now, and who knows if it ever will be.

When all was said, and done I did manage to make two purchases. One was a bunch of 1980 Topps cards that I bought to send out to some team collectors. With everything going on over the next two weeks it might take a little time, but these will be sent out, and hopefully fill some needs for these collectors. I won't be showing these off, and let their recipients do that instead.

The second was one I wasn't to big on, but wanted to leave with something that might find a place in my collection.

I'm not the biggest of collectors for cards of possible future stars, but had to get these cards despite this. At the cool price of five for a dollar I thought why not pick these five cards up. Dickerson, and Parker have gotten some time with the Rockies while Story, and Rodriguez are still moving through the ranks. More than anything I bought these cards so I wouldn't end up leaving empty handed.

Hopefully the gap between card shows isn't as long as this last one was. Until then this is all I have for the latest show.

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