Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sometimes It Takes Two

With today being Easter I thought it would be better to save my post for 'The Junior Junkie' for Monday. So, instead of running with a post that I'll probably write right after this post. I thought why not show off two artelopes, but one result.

Back in December I was on a kick to try, and either finish the NBA Developmental League, or come close. Three requests were sent out, and until recently none have made it back.

Hoping that it would increase the odds of adding a business card from the 87ers an e-mail was sent. It didn't take long for a member of the 87ers staff to write back with a name a new request. Not wanting to waste any time a new artelope was drawn, and sent on its way.

A much simpler envelope with the teams colors on it. If it isn't obvious the 87ers are affiliated with the 76ers.

After very little waiting the 87ers are now off the list of teams needed from the NBADL.

The top portion is the front of the card with the person's name omitted for their privacy. Lately I haven't been leaving the person out, but figured with the tough time it took to get this card I'd leave it out. The bottom showcases the back of the card, and 76ers logo.

While this might have been a tougher card to get than normal I'd do it over, and over again to cross teams off the wants.

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