Saturday, April 25, 2015


Things that have the number or come in three's.

Strikes in baseball

Outs in baseball

Three Stooges

Three little pigs

Banana split (three scoops of ice cream)

Three's Company (watched it as a kid)

A triple in baseball

the band Three Dog Night

Three Musketeers (both the candy bar, and the novel)

Three blind mice

Three bears in Goldilocks

Three ring circus

Three sheets to the wind (the way my wife feeling right now)


Three feet in a yard

Three point shot

Three seconds in the key (does this ever get called?)

The hat trick

Triathlon (will never see me doing this)

A pin in wrestling

Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s number (now used by some idiot related to Childress)

A field goal

Three legged race

Babe Ruth's number

The amount of cards sent to me by the awesome blogger Daniel from the even more awesome blog  It's Like Having My Own Card Shop".

Daniel sent me an e-mail that I basically said I have a card that should be yours. What he didn't say is he had three cards to send my direction.

What an impressive sight of cards it is. Thank you so much Daniel for the amazing three cards.

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