Monday, April 6, 2015

Take The Junior Junkie Test

We've all seen those tests you take that determine your knowledge on a certain subject. If not you haven't trolled the internet much as they pop up on a large scale every so often. In honor of those I have created.

Sorry about the sad little logo, but its the best I could dream up as I'm choosing to spend more time on research for the post instead of logo work.

We've all heard, and seen posts throughout the internet about the recent mass mailing of bubble mailers sent out by TJ of 'The Junior Junkie'. In honor of TJ's awesome feat I have created 'The Junior Junkie Test'. If you have a bad memory you might want to grab a pen, or pencil, and a small sheet of paper. A post it note would be just fine for your answers.

Now that you are ready to go lets get this test started..

1- What is Mike Trout doing on this card?
      A- Preparing to steal either second or third base.
      B- Getting ready to do a squat as it's exercise time.
      C- Preparing to run home to see if he was one of the lucky people on TJ's mailing list.

 2- Mike Trout is looking at?
     A- Noticing where his home run went
     B- The guy in the crowd who is dressed like he's got a role in 'Saturday Night Fever'.
     C- Thinks he sees a fan holding up a banner advertising 'The Junior Junkie'

3- Mike Trout is diving because?
    A- He's a great centerfielder, and all centerfielder's dive for balls when needed.
    B- Sometimes he likes to pretend he's a fish, and the ball is fish food.
    C- He got told that TJ put a surprise for him inside the ball. Only problem is if he dropped it he wouldn't get the prize.

4- Miggy is smiling in the picture because?
    A- He's thrilled that he was the AL batting leader over Trout, and Beltre.
    B- Someone just told him a really good knock, knock joke.
    C- He got one of the packages sent out by TJ, and can't stop smiling. (Notice that Beltre isn't smiling. A sign that he didn't get anything from TJ.)

5- The look on Mike Trout's face can be explained as?
    A- He can't believe that he just stole third base.
    B- He went to an aquarium before the game, and is showing the expression of all the fish.
    C- He's looking into the crowd as one of them is opening a bubble mailer from TJ, and can't believe what he is seeing.

6- After hitting the ball Mike Trout's first thought was?
    A- Is it going to have enough to make it out?
    B- RUN!!!
    C- All those awards, and somehow TJ is still more famous. How did this happen?

7- Upon seeing this card the cat?
     A- Did a quick internet search, and looked up Dizzy Trout.
     B- After the search was left wondering why Topps put Dizzy in a Red Sox uniform being his best years were with the Tigers?
     C- Got a little bit of baseball knowledge that he wouldn't have gotten without TJ putting this card in the mailer.

8- Mike Trout is yelling?
    A- He's excited about a play he was just in.
    B- No one knows this but he's playing Marco Polo, and is yelling Polo.
    C- He's mad at his agent for not telling him sooner about 'The Junior Junkie', and realizes he's missed out on a ton of great posts by TJ. Now he's going to be spending all sorts of time catching up with those missed posts.

9- Mike Trout is thinking?
    A- WOW, that went far! I wonder how many feet that blast was?
    B- What was Yogi thinking when he said "If you come to a fork in the road. Take it!"?
    C- Did TJ really send out all those mailers or has everyone imagined it all?

10- This is photograph of?
       A- The Zephyrs after a big win of a walk off home run.
       B- My New Years Eve party from this year.
       C- DUH! It's a group picture of all the bloggers who got cards from TJ Recently celebrating their amazing treasures.

ANSWERS-- I will keep it simple, and say the correct answer to all ten questions is C

Now add up the total of all correct answers, and this will tell you your Junior Junkie knowledge.

     0-4 ~~ If you scored this low I'm going to say odds are you have never visited the blog 'The Junior Junkie', and need to follow the link to TJ's great blog right now. No need to even read any farther as you should have already gone to his blog. GO! What are you still doing here??

     5-8 ~~ Odds are you know about TJ, and have maybe done a swap with him once possibly even twice. My recommendation is that you go back to 'The Junior Junkie', and work on another trade.

    9-10 ~~ Obviously you were one of the lucky recipients of TJ's awesome mailing. My guess is you were much faster than the cat was at thanking TJ for what he sent. Don't hold it against me TJ as I've got something that needs to be sent your way that will make everything better.

Everything shown above was from the fantastic package sent by TJ. I can't say thank you enough TJ for the cards, and schedules.


  1. Great post - I enjoyed reading it.

    And, yes the correct answer is C - TJ's been working overtime with all the awesome packages!

  2. I'm seriously into that logo right now. Glad you liked the Troutgasm!

  3. Great (& creative) post for a great (& generous) blogger.