Saturday, April 11, 2015

Artelopes- Three From The Texas League

In my writing to teams one of my favorite leagues has to be The Texas League. During a normal year I write three teams for schedules consistently. This year there were two changes which will be upping the number to five.

Already getting a return from the Tulsa Drillers I sent out these three. Which now leaves me at writing one final team for a business card.

The Rockhounds are one of the three teams from the Texas League I've been collecting schedules from since starting my collection. When starting the collection there were some team names, and logo's I just thought were cool, and have been collecting them. Something about the name Rockhounds just seemed cool so they made the list.

This next envelope is from a team that has been around in various forms for years.

The team has only been known as the Northwest Arkansas Naturals since 2008. Before this they were the Wichita Wranglers. Due to bad attendance, and poor ballpark the team relocated to Springdale to become the Naturals. Originally they were a team I was on the fence about collecting schedules from, but the team has been so generous in returns over the years I became a fan of the team. Northwest Arkansas goes to show how treating fans not in your area can bring in new fans. I've been known to contact a few teams for merchandise in the past so it can pay off. Not with just me, but I'd bet with others as well.

As for the drawing. If you remember the Sacramento RiverCats envelope recently. You can see that the two are very similar only instead of a cat claw this ball has the crown used by the Royals, and often times the Naturals recently.

Unlike past years, and the returns. This was a fairly weak one in the return envelope was only two of the above schedule. The Naturals have had the same card since day one so no request for a business card was included. It would have been nice to have nailed down another one or two for trading, but I'll take the one for my personal collection, and spare for trading.

Last on the list was the San Antonio Missions. This is another of those teams that has been good to me over the years. Why I have never been even slightly interested in becoming a fan of the team is beyond me. Some teams I've become fan of for doing less, but the Missions have just never caught my attention.

The drawing on the envelope is a part of the teams new logo for 2015. Personally I think the logo is a huge improvement over the old logo. It brings the team into 2015 rather than the older style from the old logo. 

With a new logo comes a new business card so that was the sole purpose for this request. I always put in the schedules in hopes that atleast something will head my direction.

As you can see the team didn't disappoint. Included was the one business card for the collection, and it has the new logo. Honestly this new logo did a ton for the team in my mind. Past business cards weren't anywhere near as cool as the one above, and as classy looking. Included with the card were three of the schedules below the card. Another great showing of the logo that in my mind has made for a good looking schedule. Very well done Missions!

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