Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'm A Winner, And People Like Me.

While thinking up ideas for what to both use as a post title, and what to write. I toyed with the idea of 'Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!' The only problem was I was sort of lost at what to write about. Then while sitting here still at a loss it hit me. The post title I came up with suddenly hit me.

My one problem was I couldn't remember the name of the character from Saturday Night Live. A quick internet search ensued, and here we are.

By now I know you are thinking "Cat, what does all this matter?" If you were one of the people that participated in a recent contest by Brain over at Highly Subjective, and Completely Arbitrary. You already know what I am getting at.

Brian held a contest where all the participants had to do was pick a team. If the team you picked matched an autograph he got in a recent pack of Stadium Club. Coming along a little late in the game as many had guessed, and the teams were starting to run short. I gave a fast look, and noticed my favorite team the Rockies hadn't been guessed. Throwing out that guess I was surprised to get an e-mail the next day from Brian announcing the cat as a winner.

If you didn't see this beauty on Brian's blog, or even if you did. Here it is again in all it's glory.

Now that is a beautiful card if I don't say so myself.

As you would expect, a player like Blackmon doesn't travel without a entourage.

Some guys travel with teammates, or other stars. My man Blackmon likes to keep the kiddos happy by traveling with mascots. I might only be a kid at heart, but I'm thrilled with his choice of friends.

You had to know that he wouldn't travel with just two mascots. No he travels with five.

The greatest part about these last two. Other than the fact that the Pirate Parrot is my favorite MLB mascot. Brian didn't even wait for the cat to do a wantlist for 2015 mascots before going after the list. How can you not appreciate a blogger that doesn't wait for a list?

Thank you so much Brian not just for the Blackmon auto, but for his friends. I don't know for sure how many people like me, but what I do know is you made me a winner.

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  1. Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) is one of my Senators!

    You're welcome! And Thank YOU for sending some cards back in my direction -- how generous!