Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Odd, And End Artelopes

I think it might be time to admit it. Even with a couple posts that need to be written in the barrel. I just can't seem to get back into the flow of posting stuff that I'd be proud of. Waiting in the wings is a trade post, and a post of some great finds. Some of the problem stems from being drained more than usual from work. The other is for some reason I just can't get mentally into the flow again. Hopefully all this will turn around in the near future as I'd love to get back into writing some readable stuff once again.

In the meantime I have two of my latest artelope returns to show off.

This first one was done by the daughter, and sent to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers from the NBA Developmental League. The Vipers are one of the eight teams I was, and still am missing business cards of from the league. I thought she might enjoy doing some sort of cartoon style snake to send to the team that uses a snake in their logo. She did a great job, which makes the return sad.

The Vipers sent only one pocket schedule. I can understand the one schedule as it was late in the year, but it would have been nice to make up for it with the requested schedule. No dice though.

With the MLS starting up I thought why not making a run at a couple of the 11 teams currently missing from the MLS collection. As you will notice from the schedule sent back the idea I used was a version of the team logo. I wish the return would have gotten the result I was looking for as the two MLS drawings were a refreshing change from the stuff we have been doing lately. Maybe the Houston one will pan out, and will remotive a set of two or many more in the near future. Until then I'm kind of cautious of writing MLS teams due to the bad return San Jose sent.

Much like with the Vipers above, the Earthquakes dropped one lone schedule on me. Despite not getting the business card it would have been nice to get a few more schedules for possible trading. Maybe a certain blogger from San Jose that I know mentioned in his blog that he watches the Earthquakes will be able to hook a cat up. I can always hope.

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  1. Believe it or not... I haven't seen a single SJ Earthquakes pocket schedule this season (maybe they're super short printed). But if I do, I will definitely grab a stack for both of us.