Monday, April 20, 2015

Your Out Of Order!! NO, WAIT! This Post Is Out Of Order

As a blogger I remember someone saying we like to post things in the order they happen to make things easier on ourselves. Since going on my slow posting run I have been on, some posts have been done out of the regular running order. I say this as this post is so far off the path of order that it's mind boggling.

Last Monday I had to head south, and get the back-up camera on the car fixed. After sitting for the two hours I had to make a run to Goodwill, and look for treasures. Normally I'd hit the two in the area, and the other thrift store just down the block from the second. For some reason I just wasn't feeling the second set so did just the lone one I've hit for the last few years. Once inside I hit something that will go down as one of my best finds ever.

It's a beautiful picture with the view of Seattle that I've always loved seeing every time we do a Mariners game.

I'm going to say odds are you are confused right now about that last little bit. Safeco is right next to Centurylink at what would be the bottom of the picture. We even use the Centurylink parking garage when going to games.

This things was so awesome that there was no way I was leaving it behind. That is despite not being a Seahawks fan. Running through my mind was the idea of making it the centerpiece of my main wall in the hobby room. A wall that honestly still needs a centerpiece before I begin hanging things on the wall.

It still needs the centerpiece because my first thought honestly when I saw this was to give it to my friend at work. This is the same friend who has hooked me up with some incredible goodies from his trips. He just so happens to be a Seahawks fan, and now the proud owner of this sweet piece. When I showed him the picture he was instantly in love, and thrilled beyond belief when I told him it was his. It's kind of strange to think that one of my best finds wasn't even for myself, but for a friend. I'll take it though.

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