Thursday, April 30, 2015

Artelopes- Three Successes At Long Last

When it comes to the artelopes project I've had a great week. With a ton of stuff floating out there I nailed down three returns that are everything I could hope for.

Starting off the returns was what came in due to the artwork above. This year the Hillcats change affiliations to the Cleveland Indians. What this meant to the business card collection is I'm in need of a new card.

Keeping it simple due to my brain starting to struggle with ideas. I went with the team logo minus the cat in the middle. It's not a bad looking logo that makes me wonder with the blog name why I don't collect the teams schedules.

Lynchburg did me right by sending two schedules, and two business cards. They did a decent job with the schedule by keeping it simple, and not to cluttered.

Second up, and coming in the same day was the return from the Tennessee Smokies.

This season the Smokies announced a new logo that honestly I am a huge fan of. For my artwork I decided to go with a secondary logo rather than the new much sweeter looking one.

As you can see from the business card, the team decided to finally embrace their affiliation with the Cubbies. Not only did they do a fantastic job with the new logo, the use of it in their schedules is very well done. I'm not a huge fan of all the internet info, but it doesn't destroy the look that much.

Last up was today's return, and a streak that will hopefully keep going.

Much like the Smokies the Rough Riders went with a new look for 2015. When teasing this brand new look the team posted the logo I used for the envelope sent their direction. I toyed with a few other ideas, but thought the spectacles was a different design that just worked.

In the return category the Rough Riders nailed it as well. The team did a classy looking schedule despite keeping it simple with the ever often used log. Frisco did an even better job with the business card. Using the new logo, and then the 'Speak Softly, And Carry A Big Stick" on the back is pretty sweet. While I've never done a top list for business cards this version would rank in the top 50 I believe. I've always been a sucker for cards that use the back in their design usage.

Overall this was three returns that will hopefully keep going with the few still roaming the country. On a side note I want to let Marc know I got his cards, and will be doing a post in the next few days. Sorry, about the delay Marc.

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