Monday, April 27, 2015

Artelopes- Lookouts, And Sky Sox

On Friday two of my latest returns for artelopes made their way back home.

Keeping it simple I thought it would be fun to just do the team's logo. While it is a simple design there is one thing I've personally come to realize. Looking at it compared to where I was when starting this entire artelope project. My drawing has come a very long way from where it was on day one.

The Lookouts went through an affiliation change this off season from the Dodgers to the Twins. A new affiliation meant the Lookouts were on the list of teams that might change business card designs. In the past the front office staff for the Lookouts have treated me well, and this return was no different. As you can see they included the requested business card, and two schedules. From not just this return, but returns in the past. Chattanooga likes to keep things simple, and their schedules have shown this.

It shouldn't come as any sort of surprise that these two envelopes were sent out the same day. Much like with the Lookouts I went with the less thought out design of the team logo. It did go a little in my own direction as I do still struggle with things at times. Hopefully as time continues to go on that will change, and I'll be able to push creativity to another level in the future. Until then designs like the two today will continue to happen.

Until this off season when the Rockies decided to break ties with the team, and move on to Albuquerque. The Sky Sox had been the teams only Triple A affiliate. Left scrambling, and hurt with the decision the team eventually signed with the Brewers.

Being a schedule collector rather than just a Rockies affiliate schedule collector. Colorado Springs remains one of the teams I'm still actively collecting. The return sent from the team is one of the reasons. Not many teams would include both schedule covers into the return. Toss in the requested business card, and you have a team you can't help, but root for.

With all the requests being sent out constantly, and old returns that are close to being considered lost. There are currently 12 artelopes out roaming the world.

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