Thursday, April 23, 2015

Missed One

In my run of falling behind in posts I came across a couple pictures in the folder. Sitting here looking at the pictures I realized that these were from a trip south that I never showed off. With that in mind here they are.

Despite swearing off buying new logo, or advertising baseballs. I just couldn't turn down picking up this Eugene Emeralds baseball that is a few years old.

Other than adding this lone ball I have been very good about not buying more, and have turned down a few others. Being a sucker for sports logo's, and this one being gone for a few years I had to get it. Odds are real soon it will be replacing one of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes balls sitting on a shelf.

Next was the real find of this trip. Over a year, and a half ago I found this bag of football helmets.

As you can see it cost a mere one dollar. Soon afterwards I bought a glass bowl, and put most of them in the bowl as a display piece. It's one of my favorite pieces in the room, and something I enjoy looking at often.

On this day I found the new version of those helmets. Costing a little more at 4.99 I still think I did pretty good on these.

Instead of a potpourri of helmets like the other bag this is one of every current team. I'm still looking for the right piece to display these in, or on. Until then they continue to be encased in the plastic that they were bought in. Hopefully soon I'll find that piece, and can start enjoying these helmets as well.

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