Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Artelopes- Paw Sox, and Bees

Keeping true to the theme that the cat has been following for most of the year. It is once again time for another artelopes. With so many being sent recently I am going with a Triple A theme, and doing the Pawtucket Red Sox, or better known as the Paw Sox. Keeping with theme is the Salt Lake Bees of the Angels affiliation ranks.

Not long before the start of MLB's spring training the Paw Sox announced a new logo for 2015. Needing the teams new business card which will hopefully contain said logo. I decided it would be cool to draw that logo, and see if it helped get a new business card.

What came in the return was two of the schedules above, and zero business cards. All this means is at some point during the season I'll make another attempt at a business card. The Paw Sox have always been pretty good to me so I will just assume they didn't have new cards yet.

The second, and in my eyes most important out of the two requests. Growing up as a kid I lived in Utah, and thus my sport allegiances are still with most the teams. While the Bees didn't exist as for a short time the team in Utah at the time was the Gulls. I have adopted them as one of the minor league teams I collect items from. In honor of this I send out a request to the team every season.

There was no business card request included as I have quite a stack of the teams business cards already. What the team did send is six copies of the schedule above.

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