Monday, April 1, 2013

Totally Beaching Dude!

Here at the cat-house we had another weekend at the coast. To say this weekend didn't go as planned would be an understatement. This was both good, and bad.

On Friday things went perfect as I was able to get off work early three hours. The wife, and daughter had the car packed for travel the second I got home. From there it was over to pick up the daughter's friend who was going with us. The drive over was awesome with no hiccup's to slow things down. Upon our arrival it was off to dinner which ended up being a new place to us. I wanted fish for some reason, and so off to a fresh fish place it was.

Then came Saturday, the day everything got wild. We woke up to a beautiful day with the sun shining. The plan was to do breakfast at another new place for us then head north for some beach adventure. While in the shower I got hit with a wife barging in to let me know the friend was losing her dinner from Friday night. One thought crossed my mind, as it reminded me of the guys at work who have been sick lately.
        Talking me off the ledge the wife hoped her eating just toast for breakfast would calm her stomach. Failure followed as she lost it another time, forcing us to eat fast before leaving. Once at the beach-house it was decided that I was making the one, and a half hour drive each direction. Making the trip meant my day was preplanned, and it would be in a car. Getting her stuff we loaded her up, and was off for the drive. I will leave out the gory details of the drive homeward.

As I arrived back making better time than I had thought I'd make. The wife decided she wanted to stay at the beach-house. While the daughter decided she wanted to spend most the day at the park just over a block away. Not willing to let all this ruin my day, I talked the daughter into a short trip to the beach before we all started doing our own things. Once finished it was off to a new to me antique mall in town. The place was slightly interesting as I did see a few junk wax cards, and bobble-heads. The main bobble-head was a Portland Beavers mascot, which ended up staying there for some other buyer.

The next plan was to head back to the beach-house, but along the way I got distracted. Driving down the road I noticed the Salvation Army Thrift Store that had been forgotten due to its new location. Deciding that I had nothing to lose except a few minutes I made the stop, and I'm glad that I did. Roaming the weird store layout I came across the following prize.

Chris Young

This is only the third time in this thrift store. The other two times were very unimpressive so it's a miracle I even bothered going in. Hitting a Chris Young might get me in there a little more often now. After the new find I was motivated more than ever. With the new-found desire it was off to the usual stomping ground antique mall. Once inside I was greeting with Ichiro looking right at me.

Still in his box, and the only bobble-head in the area still boxed. He just sat there calling me to take him home. As a thrift store shopper the clearly displayed $10.95 sticker was double what I always pay, and was running through my mind. The battle kept raging as it was Ichiro, but it was still double my usual price. Still thinking it over I decided to hit the five for a buck card box they always have. Even with it only being two weeks since the last trip. The box had a whole new cast of characters which made their way into a pile. All these were picked up with the idea of trading them off. So if you want any let me know, and its yours.

Close to finishing up, a saving call from the wife came in. Talking it over with her she understood my dilemma due to the cost.  Talking it over I knew that the odds of ever buying Ichiro for less than twenty would be a pipe dream. As a good wife she talked me into Ichiro who I quickly gathered up, and paid for before heading to the beach-house. 

Before leaving I noticed a sign by the cards for the LCS I had been to in January. Seems the shop moved ten miles south to a new town. When or if I am ever able to get down there will be interesting. As for Ichiro he is already making himself comfortable next to 3 of the 4 bobble-heads for 2009.

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