Thursday, April 4, 2013

For Trade- Bobble-heads

With it being springtime, and everyone doing their spring cleaning. I feel it's time to do some spring cleaning bobble-head style. I've had these babies sitting in the hobby room for awhile thinking about trading them off for other bobble-heads. The only rules to make these yours are the following.

1- I will only trade them for another bobble-head. I want to expand the collection so I don't want to trade these for cards. The bobble-head needs to be like the ones I am offering up. This means a larger style stadium giveaway.

2- You can claim any number of the bobble-heads from one to all three.

3- Leave a comment on which bobble-head or bobble-heads you want. The first to make a claim gets that bobble-head. There won't be any trade negotiating needed as I will e-mail you for an address to send your claim to, and my address for your part of our trade. I'm not looking for a best offer just a new bobble-head I don't currently have.

The pictures are from the ones in my personal collection. The ones being offered up are still in their original boxes surrounded by styrofoam to make sure they arrive safely.  I have taken them out one time to make sure they were in good shape, but other than that one time they have been left alone. So without further ado here are the trading victims..

Victor E. Viking

Victor is the mascot of the Portland State Vikings. This bobble-head was to commemorate the Vikings first ever Big Sky Conference Championship in basketball for the 2007-2008 season. Given away sometime during the following basketball season. The box is cool as it contains the Big Sky home schedule for Portland State.

Brent Morel

Brent is in the White Sox organization as a third baseman. This bobble-head was a giveaway by the local college wood bat league team the Corvallis Knights. Brent played for the Knights during the summer while in college, and this was to honor that time. The box is just a plain white box, nothing fancy. If more than one person wants a Morel odds are I will be able to get my hands on another. Might take a few weeks, and odds are it won't have a box. These seem to pop up at the Goodwill's in the area all the time.

Cory Spangenberg

Cory was given away by the Eugene Emeralds. The Emeralds are a short season single A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. Cory is currently listed as the #10 prospect for the Padres with high hopes. I believe the head tilts down a little on the bobble-head being offered as that's the way it came in the box. The box is like the Morel, just plain white with nothing on it.

In a last heads up to anyone wanting to claim any of these bad boys. I get Monday's off at work so that is the day I do all my Post Office stop mailings. You are free to send your half any day you feel. Just like to let you know that your prize won't be sent out until Monday.

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