Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Short Trade

Recently I was at the store, and had bought a jumbo of 2013 Topps flagship cards. Included in the pack, and unknown to me at the time was an Anthony Rizzo short-print. One of the many great blog readers that keep us all going, Brian had let me know about the card. Showing a great interest in the Rizzo card Brian contacted me to work out a trade. After exchanging a few e-mails back, and forth we had all the makings for a trade. As you have read already, Brian got Anthony Rizzo. In return the meat on my half was the following four cards for my player collection.

Wilin Rosario- 2013 Opening Day blue parallel
Juan Nicasio- 2013 Heritage
Dustin Ackley- 2013 Topps Walmart blue parallel
Mark Teixeira- 2013 Topps Target red parallel

Pretty decent amount of the rainbow using four different guys. Not wanting to finish this up as a PWE Brian gave me a link to his list of wants. Included in that list was 2013 Spring Fever. I happened to have two of the remaining cards he needed for his set. In return Brian fired back with

Jose Bautista, and Nate Eovaldi. Both of which are up for trade if anyone needs them to help with a set.

Then in typical blog style Brian threw in some unannounced goodies to finish off the trade.

An awesome batch of Mariners stickers. The new powerhouse of the team Mike Morse. I was one of the people who was not happy when they let Morse go originally so him being back is great if you ask me. Kyle Seager, he's one of my player collections so there's no need to say how I feel about Kyle. Then finishing up the group is Guti. He has been one of my wife's favorite Mariners since he came to the team. Hopefully he will finally get past all his health issues, and have a great season.

Brian, I can't remember if you had a blog or not. If you do sorry about losing the address someplace, and not sharing it. I know you sent me an address that had your wants, but sometimes I'm a scatterbrain and lost it. Either way thank you so much for the new cards.

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