Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Don't Mess With Texas!

In the short time I have been blogging there have been acts of trading generosity throughout the blogging community. Some of these have come my way in cards being added to trades that were thrown in just because. During this time I've embraced this new to me trading attitude by joining in the fun. I have been throwing in cards hoping that maybe the person on the other end can use the cards included. All this has led to a new me in collecting. A new me that I have loved to embrace when it comes to this wonderful hobby.

Despite this new thinking on Saturday I got a package that blew me away to put it simple. A package that totally came from out of the blue without warning. This is the type of package that when I opened it got me so excited I didn't know what to do. It was a huge white colored envelope, but not a PWE. The part I noticed in the mailers section was it had come from Texas. When the daughter brought it in I looked at her then the envelope with a blank look. Slowly I opened it wondering why I was getting something from Texas, and what could it be. Opening the envelope I pulled out ...

Still lost about what was going on, and not noticing that it clearly says 2006 on the cover. My first thought was why did the Rangers send me this since I haven't written or called them for awhile. Then I cracked open the cover to reveal what this really was. Inside was a small note that read 'Hope you can use some of this Teixeira stuff! enjoy!', and was from Tom who runs the great blog The Angels In Order.

Being a little slow on Saturday the note was where it finally hit me. I had just got hit with a surprise package from one of the great bloggers in this community.

Just those three items alone would have made this an incredible package. Yet it just kept on going.

And Going...

Then if all the brochures, and player photo weren't enough. Tom threw in seven schedules to make sure I had all the Rangers schedules with Teixeira including the different sponsors.

Then finishing off what now thanks to Tom might be one of the best Teixeira collections going. Tom wrapped up the new additions with something that simply put blew me away. Which is saying a ton since everything I had already seen was blowing my mind. Tom threw in a plastic 2007 Season Ticket holder card.

Getting this package I now know where the expression 'Don't Mess With Texas' came from. It came from someone who tried to get the best of Tom.

I am a slow learner sometimes so Tom better be on the lookout. It might take me a little time, but one day I will drop a package on you that will blow you away just as equally as this package blew me away.

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  1. Sorry so late to comment on this post, but I'm really glad you liked what I sent. Thanks for the kind words too. Isn't blogging fun!